Everything is Art

Dedicated to all the visionaries who have a unique perspective on life and share it with the rest of the world

some of the new #sharkandeagle flavas for the ladies .. brought the shark shirt back by popular demand #morenewnew #ontheway
welcome to the #LES ..  (at East Village)
tht new new .. @sharkandeagle “Founders” t-shirt

— now available —
lucky number 13 .. #custom #sharkandeagle #flavors  (at Manhattan, New York)
we going out w/ a bang .. more details soon BBQ’s in NY & DC all my #eastcoast #wildlifers get ready — new items | custom pieces | phone cases | stickers | artwork | #sharkandeagle #everythingwild
sundays ..
SUNØ ..  (at Astoria, New York)
birds gotta eat too .. #acrylic #wildlife
harlem nights ..  (at Harlem 117th)

current mood .. (at 80’s)