Everything is Art

Dedicated to all the visionaries who have a unique perspective on life and share it with the rest of the world

don’t think this place has enough tvs .. #72screens (at Sherman Oaks Galleria)
front door pool access .. #caliliving  (at City of Encino)
all in a days wrk .. #sunouno #lizardking #cubanobunny (at Panorama City, California)
wrk sucks .. but life is beautiful  (at City of Van Nuys)
the only productive thing I accomplished at wrk today ..  (at Panorama City, California)
the pics from the #fall13 @sharkandeagle #nyfw popup event are now up on sharkandeagle.tumblr.com .. thanks again to all the enthusiasts tht came out & had a good time .. #staywild
currently .. 🔥🐴💩 (at Las Angeles)
hit 110° in the valley today .. #notsafeoutside #thtviewtho #toomuchheat #literally  (at City of Van Nuys)
the rooftop chill spot ..  (at City Of Sherman Oaks)
cuzzi life ..  (at City of Van Nuys)